Make the Right Call!

Our unlikely hero has found himself in an inebriated position, and has decided that he would like to get home this afternoon WITH his car. He can either:

A. Try to drive himself home, ignoring the law, common sense, and his friends advice.

B. Call Sober Rovers!

    Here's how it works:

  1. Pass off the keys and rest easy knowing you will be home soon without breaking the law and with your car.

  2. Your driver will load in the scooter, packed inside of its own carrying case.

  3. Your driver will check your insurance information and set their GPS device to log your miles.

  4. Upon arrival at your destination, your driver removes his scooter and accepts payment in cash or using your Rover Miles card.

  5. Wave goodbye to the easiest way home and enjoy knowing you won't have to get up early to go find your car!
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