About Us

Photo by Justin Staeger
Sober Rovers opened for business in October 2005 and has been steadily serving the community of Bellingham and Whatcom County ever since.

Owner J.R. Johnson began the journey of creating Sober Rovers after his own unfortunate experience with a DUI in 2001. He thought, “There’s got to be a better way”. This sparked the idea for a designated driver service and he began the process of creating a business plan, assembling a team of dedicated directors, and raising capital. J.R. proudly opened Sober Rovers in 2005 and now says, “Not only am I the owner of Sober Rovers, I’m also a client!”

Businesses similar to Sober Rovers exist all over the country and across the pond; however Sober Rovers is not affiliated with any other company and is a registered LLC. Home James in Los Angeles uses a different business model – literally, employing male models to drive scooters for elite customers. Night Rider, based in Boulder Colorado, is another example, as well as businesses in Louisville, Portland, and San Diego. The idea has been most popular in Europe, especially London.

The team at Sober Rovers is committed to helping eradicate drunk driving in our community and helping individuals turn a tough decision into an easy one. Since 2005, our business has expanded to include a variety of services including private party reservations, personal vehicle pick up, and licensed Go-Ped products.